Simon Bridges MP

Meet Simon Bridges

In the current National-led Government, Simon is Minister of Energy and Resources, Minister of Labour, and Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues. He is currently embroiled in controversy over his support for Texan oil company Andarko's deep sea drilling and the fact of the matter is ...

Simon Bridges' Experience

Prior to standing for Parliament, Simon was a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the District and High Courts. Simon had been a prosecutor in Tauranga since 2001, working largely on jury trials. He moved to Tauranga from a role as litigation lawyer at a major legal firm based in Auckland. He has worked as a volunteer in local organisations and on neighbourhood projects. He enjoys being active in the community and the great lifestyle that Tauranga has to offer.

Simon's Education

Simon was educated at the University of Auckland, completing a BA (Political Science and History) and a LLB (Hons). He received a Senior Law Prize. He later completed a Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford. He also went to the London School of Economics and worked as an intern at the British House of Commons, after receiving the Chevening-Hansard Society Fellowship.

Simon Bridges in Tauranga

Simon Bridges was selected as National’s candidate for Tauranga in June 2008, and elected that year as the MP for Tauranga. He was successful again in 2011, winning his seat with the 5th highest majority support in New Zealand.

Since being elected in 2008, Simon has been a member of the Law and Order Select Committee, the Auckland Governance Select Committee, the Maori Affairs Select Committee and is a former Deputy-Chairperson of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. In the current Parliament, he was the Chairperson of the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee and member of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee until he became a Minister in April 2012.

More about Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges (born October 1976 in Auckland, New Zealand) is a New Zealand politician and former District and High Court Crown prosecutor. Bridges is currently the representative for the electorate of Tauranga in the 49th New Zealand Parliament, as a member of the National Party.

In 2008, Bridges stepped down from his positions within the National Party to seek his party's candidacy for the seat of Tauranga in the 2008 election, after incumbent Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson (National) announced that he would not be standing for re-election. Bridges was successful in his campaign, appointed in June 2008 as the National Party candidate for the seat; he was eventually listed as #51 on the National's party list. Several polls during the campaign indicated that Bridges would win the seat by a large margin.

For the 2008 general election, the seat of Tauranga was contested by 11 candidates, including New Zealand First leader Winston Peters. In the election, Bridges won the electorate vote with a majority of 11,742 votes, which saw him become the new MP for the seat of Tauranga, and barred New Zealand First from winning any parliamentary seats, as it did not meet the 5% party vote threshold either. Bridges began his parliamentary career when the new Parliament convened on 8 December 2008. He was re-elected in the 2011 election.

Simon Bridges is embroiled in controversy around his support of deep sea oil drilling, Anadarko secret meetings with oil companies, attempts to ban protest at sea (the Anadarko Amendment) and has been labeled Simon Pants on Fire Bridges